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Do you believe in guardian angels?  It is hard enough to imagine your own personal guardian angel but now you can "call " your angel too.

We now have a helping hand in calling our angel with the ancient tradition, The "Engelsrufer" - a precious jewel, which is delicate like an angel

but strong enough to help you through any situation.

Made to a high standard with each piece Handcrafted with care the " Engelsrufer " collection available form Lilywho pays close attention to

quality and detail.

The stunning pendant basket is made from 925 Sterling Silver. The pendant is then rhodium plated, this surface is refined, to increase comfort

when wearing the necklace.


How it works


The “Engelsrufer" is available in 3 sizes and inside of the basket, which can be opened, there is a sound ball.

This sound ball is also handcrafted and painted carefully from metal.

The chiming sound balls are available in 9 different colours, and each individual colour has its special meaning.

These sound balls come in various colours and sizes and can be purchased separately and are interchangeable.

Engelsrufer Set


A Bell to Call The Angels

Each "Engelsrufer" - bell inside the sound ball has its own unique and subtle sound.

The delicate chime should call our guardian angels to our side, so that they can protect us from all dangers .

The harmonic sound of the "Engelsrufer" is also good in early childhood to promote development and to bring relaxation for the wearer .

The enchanting story is reflected in the unique design and in the precise crafting of each " Engelsrufer " .

Engelsrufer is a lovely gift for special occasions, as good luck symbol to loved one so that they are protected.


The Engelsrufer collection includes, in addition to the popular pendants in different sizes also the matching wings.

Because what is an angel without wings?

We hope you enjoy your own personally selected "Engelsrufer".

Meaning of Colours

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